Gelataria makes you forgetta your problems (Italian Accent) #99

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Seven years ago, Mariah Carey released a single known as More than just friends in the single she sings a line  that says ..

“I wanna be all on your lips like gelato”

Being a super huge fan of Mariah Carey I didnt realise at the time the great pleasure that can be found in having gelato until my experience at  Gelataria Della Palma

Gelataria Della Palma

In the mid January Winter season strolling the cobblestone streets viewing the magnificent architecture of the Pantheon, across the street is this colorful store full of bright lights and color.

An amazing way to end your night I suppose after all that tour and sightseeing you would be gladly be thankful for the reward.

Italy as you know famous for its amazing taste of  heaven in a frozen sugar milk substance. ( I honestly would not be doing justice to that description). But its something about that taste that in a cold winters night is the best remedy to your problems and that is :

GELATO- an Italian version of ice cream


So as you enter Gelatario Della Palma I think you are overwhelmed by the amount of tins of ice in the see through windows that you just are spoilt for choice. With more than 150 flavors to decide from you can spend hours thinking how to try every flavor possible.

But honestly I think even tackling a monster cone is just over rated and will really ruin the moment. Two scoops is just enough therapy to land you a few seconds in heaven or euphoria.

One of the best experiences in Rome I think I really fell inlove with food and will never trade that feeling, it made realise that sometimes in life we dont need to overindulge but just be thankful for what we have.

The menu of the various types of gelato




The taste of summer in Bangkok…


“I really enjoy watching the Travel channel.

One show that I have taken a liking to is the Bizarre Foods and  Delicious Destinations. “

One thing I that I enjoy about travelling is good food, good people and good places.  Bangkok the name itself  tells you its the Amsterdam of the Middle East. Neru Massages. Lights, Street Food and Temples is such a paradoxical combination.


Can you ever imagine backpacking the world to go on a culinary adventure now that is  something I think ever chef should and must do?

FOOD FOOD FOOD FOOD having a dance with your taste buds in your mouth what an experience that is!!!!!!!!

Mango Sticky Rice 

The love and patience that is put in this dessert can really be seen in the amount of preparation and time that is taken to create such deliciousness.


  • Made with rice imported from India it is soaked into water for two hours
  • This rice is then cooked in coconut milk with a sort of pressure cooker that is put on. This is to stop the steam from escaping  the infused coconut rice taste.
  • Another special flare added to the rice is Pandan Leaves which brings out the aromatic smells of the rice.
  • Mango the key ingredient, the long mango originally from Bangkok is used. This mango has more flesh and is much sweeter in
  • The rice is prepared on the plate next to the mango if the mango and rice is mixed the mango would be bruised
  • Final topping is the coconut milk which is purchased fresh from the community.

Sweet Papaya Salad 

I actually lost count of the amount of spices that are prepared and put into this summery dish. Hot, Spicy and all about sharing makes the dish spectacular.

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Time is of the essence


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Some things in life are free! In 2015 I was quite fortunate enough to make my way into Germany. At the time I thought that  Germany travel type of bucket list would be seeing the Concentration Camps and filling your tummy with beer at the Hofbrauhus. To my astonishment I was wrong each attraction in Germany has a story to tell which I feel you really have to do your homework.



Munich’s  New York Central Square walking distance to the famous Munich beerhall- Hofbrauhuas.

It is such a beauty to walk the streets fill of bustle and livelihood in the midday.62c555d22e2e70fa2f6af3f59a87c03fOne of the greatest things to tick of your bucket list is definetly watching the clock tick into the afternoon. One of the greatest gems to see is the GLOCKENSPIEL right above the gothi splendour of a building.

Durning May to October the Glockenspiel does a little performance at 12 which is such a site to see. Walkind down the steeet of Marienplatz I can only stop time in my mind and focus on such grand beauty and awe.As the clock chimes to grab the busy goers attention it teaches you for that one moment to just appreciate every minute that you have you may never know whether that minute can be your last.


Taking a walk around time at 12 o’clock is such a must in Germany, Muncih as hours after this I bet you wouldnt even remember how you arrived in Germany. Saving some for later they say and it can only be the amount of beer that one would be consuming at the Hofbrauhus. So little time as of a day I feel is just enough to view sights that dont break the piggy bank or exhaust you from walking.

In front of you is this majestic building and on the right is this rather long stick filled with gold. Mariensaule or the coloumn statue of ST.Mary which commerates the time period during war for those that lost their lives , hunger, famine and pesillence.


One of the lessons that I drew from this experience is that time is one of the things that we cannot change. We are given 24 hours in a day every individual uses there time in various ways . No regrets live ever day like its your last , and enjoy every moment that you have.



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Samora Machel revolves around Mozambique

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“Mozambique one of the 54 countries that I finally tick of my bucket list. “√


In the capital of Mozambique, Maputo has a statue that resonates in the middle of the central business district, a man that Nelson Mandela grew very fond of and this man is Samora Machel. 

Having passed on in my hometown borders, of South Africa I felt it only fitting to understand the role that he played in South Africa and Mozambique  overall. 

Picture capturing the very essence of Samora Machel as to what may have been the idea that the statue assimilated

Lets focus on the man in  the back of me. Samora Machel. In the bustle of the central city with cars all around and people trying to jostle yourself around is this magnificently huge statue of Samora Machel.

In Mozambique he is seen as a hero being the first president of a democratic Mozambique. Standing firm with a purpose can be seen with his finger pointed to the air, this was one of his signatory movements when he would rally the people of Mozabique to come on board with his purpose of freedom and democracy.

The death of Samora Machel is still one of the very mysteries of South African History. I in fact have been afforded the opportunity during my publications of academic work to find , two mysterious death of such influential people of their century. People such as Samora Machel are given God-like character traits due to their pivotal role that they played striving for a better world. It is sad to say that opposition had to get the better of their kindness.

Mozambique flag-XXL-anim

It is certainly worth a photo to be standing underneath such a statue. I feel that people would just take the opportunity of standing for a photo and not realizing the essence of the figure they under. It can be said the Samora Machel statue hold significance and symbolism almost to say that he is still protecting the country with his finger pointing to the country and reminding them what he had fought for..


According to the Afro Tourism (2018):

Machel was idolized as the hero of Mozambique after he led the local army to victory over the colonial Portuguese government in 1974 through guerrilla warfare.

There is two statues of Samora Machel both walking distance and cannot seem to find information regarding the significance of such duplication in statues.




Pleasure may lead to the loss of your reputation

Disgrace by J.M Coetzee


Written by one of the most fathomable authors of South African literature , the novel highlights the consequences of ones actions in the heat of a moment.images

A South African Lecturer teaching Romantic Poetry is aroused

by a student in his class. Being a man with a mid-life crisis beckoning at his shoulders with a shady love life of 2 failed marriages seems to be haunted with a sex drive.

The book set in Cape Town speaks of a man with much independence and statue in the profession that he holds at the University. Although as the novels progresses so does his character disintegrate leaving him to be a man with much shame and dependence on his daughter in Eastern Cape.

We learn throughout the novel that Professor David Lurie has no sense of remorse for all the downfalls in his life but rather focuses on his narcissistic ego. This is seen in Lucy Lurie whom is in a relationship with another woman and is content to live in a rural area,Salem.

David is a terrible father leaving his daughter to fend for herself speaks of his relinquish character of a man that knows no better , he almost personifies himself to be dumbfounded stupid with intelligence that has no use. One terrible event is seen in the hijacking and raping of his daughter where he seem to be defenseles

s as a man. His character is stripped to benile as his own flesh and blood is lifeless in

body leaving her to fend for herself.

How is it that a man with such accomplishment amounts his life to

putting dogs to sleep as the satisfaction of his lifestyle.It is only fitting to say that once you do wrong, or rather once in shame the one step forward is to accept what is and what has happened.

We learn that his daughter is pregnant with the Rapists child and she decides to keep it. This is the only part of the novel where we seem to see Professor David taking full control for his actions as a father, as a man, and as a individual.

Disgrace- loss of reputation can only be gained through grace of forgiving yourself for what has occurred and moving on


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The Journey Begins…

“A book is the dream you hold in your hand”

-Neil Gaiman 


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I think I fell in love with adventure the moment I got my hands on books. As a little girl my mum has always read to me before I slept and it was those stories that made you wish for a better life.

There is something so satisfying as you flip the pages of the book and realize that the words those pages contain . It is composed magnificently perfectly together . It is no wonder that  it can bring such enlightenment and joy.

Information is POWER AND POWER is freedom

Over the years I have learnt to escape reality with digging my head into a book or living in the library. But I never understood the passion that I would have for tourism. 

From my first adventure to the Big Ben and my current adventures in my hometown Durban. Daily I am renewed and changed with the little that I see makes a huge difference in my lifestyle.


I have almost gain my confidence in travel and love to speak about itimages.It brings you such joy when you have seen the moon on the other side and realize that you no longer can be the same person that you were. It forces you to change your religiosity ways for something spontaneous and living a life of no regrets I call it. 

In 2012 after completing my formal school and leaving behind my passion that was ignited in history and the library. I felt i need to do something with these two passion of mine.Throughout my five years of University I  finally decided that it is only fitting to be a travel teacher..


To many I’m a travel teacher but sometimes I just wish a plane was my office, throughly enjoy new landmarks and I’m here to tell you about all my adventures

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